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Our twelve-year-old Little Woman (LW12) is a HUGE fan of Stephenie Meyer, she has read the previous three Twilight books numerous times.  When we learned that Meyer’s new Young Adult novel, Breaking Dawn, would be released at midnight, I promised her that we would go to one of the release parties and pick it up.

One of the independent bookstores in our area, Willow Books and Cafe, was holding a kick-off with trivia contests and raffles, costumed encouraged.  They sold vouchers beginning at 5 o’clock on Friday, that customers could exchange for Breaking Dawn at the stroke of midnight.  This seemed like a much quicker process than standing in line at one of the mega-stores, so we opted to support our local store.

I put all the kids into the car at 4:30 and made a quick stop at the West Concord Five and Ten; we were able to pick up five pair of plastic vampire teeth for nineteen cents each – with tax it totalled one dollar, you’ve got to love the “five and ten”!  The teeth made for fun playthings when we got to Willow Books to purchase the voucher, as there was already a short line.  The kids entertained the other excited readers with their vampire faces, we purchased the voucher and were on our way to the next stop in our day.

We met J at home and headed out to a friends house for a barbeque.  Lots of fun with grilled portabello sandwiches, yummy salads, s’mores and a trampoline for the kids.  The adults had fun too – thanks, Karen and Kevin, you put the OK in ‘karaoke’! 

Around 11, LW12 started giving me “the look”.  Clearly, we had to wind things down and get over to pick up her book.  With the best of intentions, we said “OK, just a few more minutes,” finally leaving around 11:30.  We wound our way through the suburban back roads, 15 miles back to the bookstore, watching the clock (and the speed limit) the entire way.  We got there at (gulp!) 12:10, to find a nearly-deserted parking lot, the store locked with a few patrons and employees still inside.  We started banging on the glass doors, LW12 frantically waving her pre-paid voucher.  Yes, someone was walking toward us with one of the thickest books I’ve ever seen, and we made the exchange and thanked her profusely!

So, we missed the party at the bookstore (and I must say, that pre-paid voucher system is brilliant as it’s a huge time-saver.  It just back-fired for those of us who were dragging our feet at another party!), but we got the book!  And, depite climbing into bed at one o’clock this morning, LW12 was awake at 8, with her head buried in her latest acquisition!

Do you have a Breaking Dawn story?

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Monday 7/28/08– Discussion of Dalia Sofer’s The Septembers of Shiraz begins today over at Everyday I Write the Book.  This is the first time I’ll be participating in one of Gayle’s on-line book groups, and I’m really looking forward to it.  The author will be responding to comments left on the discussion post; if you’ve read the book, pop on over and join in!

Tuesday 7/29/08The Lace Reader goes on sale!  I posted my review of this captivating novel yesterday.  I’m inspired to take a field trip up to Salem on one of these nice summer weekends, to more closely explore the area Brunonia Barry writes about.

Wednesday 7/30/08 – Oh, how embarrassing!  I’m heading to the Post Office today to mail my sister’s birthday gift, and I’ll be buying postcard stamps for those postcards I promised to send out.  I bought the cards right away (it’s a display at a local museum that I think will be of interest to book lovers!), but avoided the lines at the Post Office … they will be in the mail today (Wednesday).  I still have four unclaimed postcards, if you’d like one, leave a comment here, then click on the “contact me” tab at the top of the page to send a private message with your mailing address.

Thursday 7/31/08 – Last day to enter my drawing for The Genizah at the House of Shepher.  I have three copies of this engaging novel to give away!  A well-told tale spanning 150 years and four generations; read my review here and enter the contest here.  Drawing will be held and winners announced on Friday 8/1/08.

Friday 8/1/08 – August already, where is the summer going?!  Tonight I’ll be heading to a nearby Barnes & Noble with my 12-year-old “Little Woman” to enjoy the Vampire Prom and other festivities while she waits for Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn to go on sale at midnight.

Saturday 8/2/08 and Sunday 8/3/08 – It’s the weekend!  Reading and relaxing are high on my “to do” list; I’ll report back next week 🙂

What’s on your agenda this week – bookish or otherwise?

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