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It’s that time of the week – when I sit down and figure out (roughly, sometimes very roughly!) what my week will look like.  Here’s what’s on tap this week:

Monday 9/8– Following this post is a post about my latest giveaway … author Joshua Henkin has generously offered a copy of his novel Matrimony, which was released in paperback at the end of last month.  Click the link on the sidebar to enter, or just scroll up!

Tuesday 9/9 – Tuesday Thingers time!  The Boston Bibliophile asks a question about our use of the features on LibraryThing; I never fail to learn new tips and tricks!  Speaking of LibaryThing … have you seen my challenge to read/review more LibraryThing authors?  Each book you read/review and link back to my challenge page earns you an entry into a drawing for a $20 gift card for (what else?!?) books!  Click the cute LT Author Challenge graphic to get to the details.

Wednesday 9/10 – This is it!  My little guy (now LM4, he just had a birthday), starts preschool today.  I’ll have four mornings a week by myself.  Of course I’ll spend a lot of the time running errands and doing weekly household “maintenance” like grocery shopping and cleaning, but I also want to slowly overhaul the house by “repurposing” a lot of our furniture and accessories – sometimes decorative items get stuck and stagnant in one place, so I want to shake it up a bit, a la one of those programs on HGTV.  Are there any books that can help me?!?

Thursday 9/11– My TriCon book group meets tonight to discuss The Worst Hard Time.  I’ll admit that I listened to about half the book on a car trip over Labor Day weekend; I still have to finish reading the rest of it.  Apparently there was a companion documentary on PBS that was excellent.  I was a history major, and this is my kind of history (military history doesn’t hold my interest, but social movements, migration, growth of cities – that talks to me!)

Friday 9/12– Hmmm, I notice I didn’t commit to posting reviews on any particular day.  I have several pending; that is, I’ve read the book and my review is “cooking” in my head.  I’ll have a few up this week; possibilities are The Worst Hard Time, The Madonnas of Leningrad, Guernica and a couple children’s books.  We’ll see what bubbles up!

Have a great week everyone!  If you’d like to join us in planning the week ahead, you can grab the graphic here.

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There’s still time to join us in planning “the week ahead”, and to enter to win a Page-A-Day Book Lover’s Calendar.  I picked up the calendar from our local bookstore, so I’m ready to send it out to the winner at the end of September.  Find the details here.

A snapshot of what may, or may not, happen in my life this week:

Monday 8/25/08 – To the Post Office to mail The Gargoyle to cheesygiraffe, the winner of the giveaway.  I’m sending my second (personal) copy to Kimberly at Fit at Forty Plus; Kimberly is unable to run (her passion) while she recovers from outpatient surgery, and really, really, really wants to read this book.  She has agreed to write a guest review for my blog and to mail back the book so I can read it … a win-win situation!

Tuesday 8/26/08 –If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for Tuesday Thingers … I wonder what the Boston Bibliophile has in store for us this week!?

Wednesday 8/27/08 – Whether you call it mid-week, hump day, or just plain ol’ Wednesday, in Boston it’s “Prince Spaghetti Day!” (Does anyone else remember those ads?!).  Wednesday means it’s time for an SOB – Spotlight on Bookstores.  Today Lori from Lori’s Reading Corner offers a guest post about the New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton.

Thursday 8/28/08 – The Upsilamba book group, my friends in Connecticut, are meeting tonight to discuss Nancy Horan’s Loving Frank.  I was hoping to arrange a “field trip” down to see them, but it doesn’t look like it will work out.  The library has a copy that I requested, so I’ll try to read the book before Thursday, and maybe call in to chat about the book and catch up with those that weren’t in Boston for our “girls’ night out” last Friday.

Friday 8/29/08 – On Friday I’ll post my review of Ellen Meister’s The Smart One.  I’m doing this review as part of an author tour for Blog Stop Book Tours, the first time I’ve worked with this group.  Click on the link to see a list of other blogs that have reviewed The Smart One as part of this tour.  Along with the review I have a surprise for one lucky reader, to be announced with the review!

The Weekend – Best wishes to all for a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend.  Enjoy this unofficial last weekend of summer!

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Today the Boston Bibliophile asks: what other weekly memes or round robins do you participate in? Is this the only one? Why Tuesday Thingers and not some other weekly Tuesday meme? Or do you do more than one?

I’ve been participating in Tuesday Thingers since Marie started it back in June.  It has been a great way for me to 1. learn more about some of the features on LT that I wasn’t using, and 2. think about the way I interact with my library – cataloging, tagging, etc., and fine-tune they reasons why certain types of books appeal to me.

A few weeks ago I added MizB’s Friday Finds from Should Be Reading to my weekly routine.  This is a short list of books that have come into our lives during the previous list.  It could be a book that physically came through the door, or one that has been added to a wish list.  It’s interesting to see all the new (or newly-discovered) books each week.  I usually post a picture of the cover, plus the product/editor’s synopsis for others who might like to see what the book is about.  I also indicate how I came across it – a recommendation from another blog, sent from a publisher, won in a contest, jumped into my hands at the bookstore, etc.

Finally, I’ve added an official meme of my own!  For the past few months, off and on, I’ve done a post on Mondays called The Week AheadThe Week Ahead is a rough sketch of anything book-related that I have tentatively on my calendar – a book I plan to finish reading, a review to be finalized, an author event, release of a previously-reviewed book, etc.  I find that if I write it down, I’m more likely to stick to a plan!  Yesterday I posted an invitation (and a contest!) for bloggers to join me in building this planning habit.  Read the details here; you could win a Page-a-Day Book Lover’s Calendar!

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I’ve had some wonderful responses to my The Week Ahead series of posts.  I’ve done them off and on over the past two months, and I realize how much it helps me to lay out a plan for the week; I feel more committed to at least heading in the direction of the plan, even if it doesn’t execute perfectly!

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry makes a car reservation, but the car isn’t available for him when he goes to pick it up?  In exasperation he says to the rental agent, “See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation and that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them,” then he mimes snapping his hands in the air with a grabbing motion, “take, take, take, take, take!”  Well, that’s me without a calendar reminder to nudge me – I “take, take, take, take, take” good intentions, but don’t always hold them!

So, I invite you to join me in this adventure I call planning The Week Ahead.  I post mine on Monday for that week, Monday through Friday.  I jot down anything book-related that might be of interest, plus other non-book items I might want to share.  There’s not always an entry for every day; some weeks are like that … this is just a serving suggestion!

If you want to play along, grab the calendar graphic from the top of the page, and start planning your Week Ahead.  Comment on my post weekly when yours is up.  This is all about establishing a habit, so you’ll be entered in the drawing if you post a Week Ahead post for three of the four weeks in August and three of the five weeks in September.  (edited 8/18/08) The original plan looked like it would be a bookkeeping nightmare, so I’m simplifying – you’ll earn one entry for each week that you post a Week Ahead summary, at the end of September I’ll draw a winner!

The winner will receive a page-a-day Book Lover’s Calendar.  This is a nice desktop calendar with book and author factoids on every page.  Amaze your friends with literary trivia!

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